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unlisted's Journal

28th June, 2003. 10:47 pm.

does anyone have a code i could have? :)

oh yeah... hey.. whats up people?

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19th April, 2003. 8:36 pm.


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3rd January, 2003. 5:12 pm.

no one is interested n me anymore

Current mood: depressed.

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3rd January, 2003. 5:12 pm.

no one is interested n me anymore

Current mood: depressed.

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28th December, 2002. 3:18 pm.

i hope you people had a good christmas. mine was pretty cool i must say. hope you all got waht you wanted.. i will give you all this for christmas:

title or description

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6th December, 2002. 3:13 pm.

i now have equal friends and friend ofs. as you may notice i have not written on here for a long time. as i was gone, more fights broke out about my being a looser and i think some chess games were even played. i figured that half the people on that list never posted anything whether being good or bad, so there will prolly be some new victims coming soon to a theater near you.. in the meantime everyone should be nice and tell someone why you love them

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23rd October, 2002. 12:47 pm.

Someone keeps sending me these "I Have a Crush on You" emails, and it bugs me.

I mean, obviously you do not have a crush on me because no one knows who I am. If you do have a crush on me and wish to tell me through email, then don't do it through some pussy crush service... Show some balls... Write a journal about how great I am... Respond to my journal about how great I am... Anything but a online crush service that gives you the hint "I am a boy".

Current mood: aggravated.

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14th October, 2002. 5:23 pm. It's been a while and i am lost for words, so i will just borrow some...

my mind sails like a feather in the sky

So I cut open the surface and I peel back the skin, Inside I found a little part of you that must have flaked off when you rubbed against me.

I drink from the pool of your mind.

Current mood: amused.

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5th October, 2002. 9:28 am.

Emobethanne has left the building.

I will miss that child.

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1st October, 2002. 2:30 pm.

Sorry I do not update too much. I find myself involved in more important things. I know that you people would like me to keep it interesting but it is hard raising 4 children. Just kidding.

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